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Hand carved stamps, blockprints & pattern art by shayma ezzeldin

SHAYMA is a personal brand specialized in handmade stamps, block prints and pattern art all designed and hand carved by Shayma Ezzeldin. Our stamps can be used on different mediums including wall art, stationery, fabrics, textiles, home decor, event giveaways & more.

You can shop from our store: stamps, block printed tablemats, stationery & wall art prints.

Also custom stamps are welcome, whether it’s a logo, a gift for a special friend, for your wedding invitation or else. We’re open for collaborations and custom projects.

About Shayma

Shayma Ezzeldin is an Egyptian pattern artist, stamp carver & block printer.
Graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor degree in graphic design from the German
University in Cairo. She is very passionate about block printing so she self taught
stamp carving and printmaking during the last 2 years. Then she followed her
dream as a stamp maker and decided to start her own personal brand for hand
carved stamps and block prints. Her background and knowledge in design has also
helped her a lot to develop more in this field. Shayma works from her home studio
in hometown Cairo where she sketches, carves and produces massive prints daily.
She enjoys combining mediums and stamps together resulting with different prints
and patterns. Most of her designs are inspired by nature like symbolic flowers,
leaves, sea, geometry and tribal’s, which surely comes from the origin Africa.


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